5G-XHaul Demonstration Videos


Bristol, UK

Check the videos the 5G-XHaul consortium created for the 5G-XHaul demonstration day. Credits and thanks to University of Bristol and firebird films Ltd!

5G-XHaul Project Conclusion and Final Demonstration


Bristol, UK

5G-XHaul successfully ended with its "Project Conclusion and Dissemination Workshop" held on June 27th in Bristol, UK. The project successfully demonstrated its wireless and optical technologies in a real city wide infrastructure! The 5G-XHaul technologies have been demonstrated and tested in various partner laboratories and, as a final activity, they are also integrated in the city-wide testbed Bristol is Open, in Bristol. This final demonstration aims to showcase the overall 5G-Xhaul architecture and perform integration of the novel optical and wireless technologies. In addition, it aims to verify the control plane features and evaluate the end-to-end performance in a real network environment. The specific functionalities that will be shown include:

  • a converged infrastructure supporting jointly FH and BH services,
  • transport network slicing creating independent and isolated networks across the common infrastructure, and
  • the use of SDN control to enable automatic recovery from failures.
For more information: (

5G-XHaul presentation at ONDM 2018


Dublin, Ireland

5G-XHaul will contribute to the Workshop "Optical technologies in the 5G era" at ONDM 2018 with a presentation entitled "Impact of 5G RAN Architecture in Transport Networks". Find more details in (


5G-XHaul Partners BWT and I2CAT named as "Key Innovators" in EC's Innovation Radar Platform


Brussels, Belgium

The 5G-XHaul partners Blu Wireless Technology and I2CAT have been named as "Key Innovators" within the H2020 Programme. The innovation entitled "Millimeter wave wireless mesh networking 802.11ad technology and wireless SDN", presented as a candidate for demonstration at Mobile World Congress 2018 has been rewarded with this acknowledgment. Find more details in ( and in (

5G-XHaul potential demo @MWC 2018


Barcelona, Spain

5G-XHaul has been selected by the 5G-PPP as the Phase-1 project which potentially could bring a demo to the MWCapital stand at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. Our partners I2CAT and Blu Wireless Technology are actively working on a demo for this event.

5G-XHaul @ ECOC 2017


Gothenburg, Sweden

With the advent of 5G new capacity trends are imposed on both the telecommunication and data communication networks. Many of the services that the 5G network delivers to user premises have stringent requirements. Reconfigurability features, provided by WDM technologies, can further increase fronthaul transport efficiency. Dr. Michael Eiselt from ADVA Optical Networking is giving a presentation on the wavelength-agnostic passive WDM technology which is being extensively developed in our 5G-XHaul project at ECOC2017.

5G-XHaul @ IWCMC 2017


Valencia, Spain

5G-XHaul participates in the International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2017) with an overview of the 5G-XHaul project, highlighting the results obtained in the second year of the project.


5G-XHaul @ EuCNC 2017


Oulu, Finland

5G-XHaul brings this year a booth to the EuCNC, where we will demonstrate diverse technologies to be integrated in our final optical-wireless 5G infrastructure.

5G-XHaul @ 5G-PPP Workshop on Architecture and RAN Integration


London, UK

5G-XHaul participates in this 5G-PPP Workshop with a presentation from Volker Aue (Airrays CTO) on "5G RAN Architecture for Massive MIMO". More details on:

5G-XHaul @ OFC 2017


Los Angeles, USA

A Symposium organized by Anna Tzanakaki, University of Bristol, UK, with title “What is Driving 5G, and How Can Optics Help?”, will be held in the framework of OFC 2017 on Wednesday 21/03. The symposium includes two talks related to the EU H2020 5G-PPP project 5G-XHaul, one to be given by Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou, University of Bristol, UK, on “Coordinated Fibre and 5G Technologies Transforming Smart Cities”, and a second one, given by Dr Jim Zou, ADVA, Germany, on “Optical Fronthauling for 5G Mobile: A Perspective of Passive Metro WDM Technology”. More information on the Symposium can be found at:

5G-XHaul @ 5G PPP cross project workshop


Athens, Greece

5G-XHaul participates in the 5G-PPP Meeting to be held in Athens with two presentations with titles "5G-XHaul Approach on Network Slicing" and "5G-XHaul Use Cases & KPIs (Focus on Capacity and Energy Efficiency)".

5G-XHaul Expert Workshop


Munich, Germany

5G-XHaul organizes an Expert Workshop on Technical and Economic Aspects of 5G Network Deployment and Operation. We thank our experts Mikio Iwamura (NTT Docomo), Dimitris Varoutas (Uni Athens), Jörg Huth (Huawei) and Cayetano Carbajo (Telefónica Germany) for their commitment and fruitful discussions.

EuCNC 2016


Athens, Greece

5G-XHaul participates actively in the Workshop “Towards Converged X-Haul for 5G Networks – A joint workshop of the iCirrus, 5G-XHaul and 5G-Crosshaul projects”. as well as in the Workshop organized by 5G Crosshaul entitled "Next Generation fronthaul/backhaul integrated transport networks".

ICC 2016


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5G-XHaul participates in the 5G-Architecture workshop, participating also in a panel discussion on the 5G Architecture White Paper, and in another panel on 5G-Architecture representing the transport views from 5G-XHaul.

Networld2020 GA


Brussels, Belgium

5G-XHaul participates in the special session on 5G projects at the Networld2020 General Assembly in Brussels. We will briefly present there our preliminar work on Transport Network Requirements of 5G Networks.

5G-PPP workshop


Valencia, Spain

5G-XHaul participates in the 5G-PPP Workshop on 5G RAN Design, Air Interface Design and Integration, organized by FANTASTIC 5G, METIS-II and mmMagic. We will show there our preliminar work in 5G RAN Requirements on Transport Networks, and in Millimetre Wave Signal Processing.

mmMagic F2F Meeting


Munich, Germany

5G-XHaul participates in the mmMagic F2F Meeting, organized by Huawei. We will show there our intended work in Millimetre Wave Communications.

Tweether Project Workshop


Valencia, Spain

5G-XHaul will take part in the Workshop "Workshop Millimetre-wave Technologies for High-Speed Broadband Wireless Networks", organized by the H2020 Tweether Project. We will give there our views on Millimetre Wave Communications.

Combo Workshop at CTTE 2015


Munich, Germany

5G-XHaul will take part in the Workshop "Convergence in Access/Aggregation Networks", organized by the EU FP7 COMBO Project at the CTTE 2015. We will give there our views on access/aggregation convergence using heterogeneous (optical/wireless) network segments.

ITU IMT-2020 Focus Group


Beijing, China

5G-XHaul will take part in the ITU IMT-2020 Focus Group in Beijing, hosted by China Mobile and Huawei.

METIS II Workshop


Kista (Stockholm), Sweden

5G-XHaul participated in the 5G-PPP cross-project workshop on “Scenarios, Requirements, Performance Evaluation, Spectrum and RAN Design Assumptions”.

Software Defined Networks - Research & Development Workshop at the University of Bristol


Engineers' House, Bristol, UK

5G-XHaul project participated in the SDN Workshop organized in Bristol by the EPSRC TOUCAN project and Jisc.

Kick-Off Meeting at the University of Bristol

07.09 - 08.09.2015

Engineers' House, Bristol, UK

The 5G-XHaul project, co-funded by the European Commission, held its Kick-Off Meeting on September, 7th 2015 in Bristol, with the presence of around 30 participants from four countries in Europe. The 5G-XHaul project was officially launched on July, 1st 2015.

EuCNC 2015

29.06 – 02.07.2015

Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France

A 5G-XHaul consortium paper was presented at the Special Session “Introducing THE 5G-INFRASTRUCTURE-PPP – Launching the European 5G Initiative”.