Blu Wireless Technology

Wireless DSP Architecture Team

Mark Barrett

Temple Way

Bristol BS2 0BY, 5th Floor, 1

United Kingdom

Blu Wireless Technology is a System IP company developing 60GHz WiFi mm-Wave technology for consumer and telecom backhaul applications. Our HYDRA technology is initially targeted at the 802.11ad wireless standard, which is the basis of the WiGig gigabit technology from the WiFi Alliance. HYDRA comprises PHY and MAC baseband functions and is designed to support up to 7 Gbps with support for both SC and OFDM data types. Blu Wireless engineers also develop complete SoC and platform solutions and are currently completing the ‘DP1’ platform which comprises a 802.11ad PHY modem implemented in 40nm LP CMOS. This will be integrated with a 60 GHz Phased Array Antenna (PAA) radio and will be available for evaluation and use in projects from Q4 2014 as integrated within the BWTDPX or ‘Lightning’ module.

The company is based in Bristol, UK, was founded in 2009 and currently comprises a team of over 23 professional wireless and semiconductor design engineers. Our business model is based on licensing our HYDRA gigabit modem as a complete System IP function to semiconductor companies. Blu Wireless is also a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) for the purposes of EU proposal submissions.

BWT also provide systems consultancy to product OEMs and telecom operators. We are currently working with several customers in the backhaul and semiconductor markets and a number of products based on our HYDRA Gigabit modem are already under development – the first of which is the BWTDPX platform as described above.

Role in the project

BWT will lead WP6 as one of the main contributors to the dissemination plan within the consortium. BWT will also contribute to WP4 and WP5, supporting contributions to WP1, WP2 and WP3 (Please see below for details). BWT will act as the ‘Innovation Manager’ in the project.