TES Electronic Solutions

Bogdan Antonovici

Zettachring 8

70567 Stuttgart



TES Electronic Solutions, as member of TES Electronic Solution Group, is a high-tech technology development company. With more than 150 highly skilled engineers based in Germany, TES works on technology solutions for communication, consumer, industrial, automotive and semiconductor markets. TES is active in hardware design and integration tasks especially in the field of communication, digital/analog/RFIC and SOC design in CMOS and SiGe technologies, antennas, mm-wave active and passive components and modules, EMC related design methodologies, high speed digital systems, processing MPEG 4 multi-media applications (HW/SW), and in comprehensive automotive projects.

Wireless solutions and sub-systems in VHF range, ISM bands including a 60 GHz band, as well as for automotive/industrial radar have been developed. TES offers complete wireless design capabilities using GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, DECT, WDCT, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, UWB (HDR and LDR/HDR) and customized technologies.

Role in the project

  • Development and manufacturing of 60 GHz antennas and antenna arrays
  • Integration of analogue mm-wave modules
  • Dissemination and exploitation